Monday 16 April 2012

Last stop, at Lauri's!

Well, it may be a relief for you - it certainly is for me. I have never had to answer so many questions, in such a short time.   Much enjoyed this bloggy tour, thanks to my smashing writing friends! And today, we wind up at Lauri Kubuitsile's all the way over in Botswana.

Lauri has lived for years in Botswana, where she is married to the nicest headmaster in the world, known to me and facebook as Mr K.  Lauri is the author of no fewer than seventeen books, ranging from non fiction to adult novels and short stories, through younger people's stories and novels.  She writes across a wide range -  romance and crime fiction among others. A  real power-house and an inspiration to me.  Fiercely honest, focussed,  and an incredibly hard working writer, utterly charming, feisty, great fun and tough as anything. A brilliant combination for a writer!


  1. AO!!! Aren't you embarassing me now? Thanks. See you over at my "house". :))

  2. Really enjoyed this interview - thank you, Lauri and Vanessa!