Wednesday 4 April 2012

At Nuala's

Today, we’re off to Ireland on the paperback tour, and are partying on Nuala ni Chonchuir’s blog. 
Nuala has yet another book on the chocks, she must be the most prolific writer I know, -she is a well published poet in both English and Irish,  a published novelist and short story writer - the next book is another collection of short fiction, Mother America, with New Island - but it is so hot there is no cover image yet - they are obviously keeping it under wraps!

So please revisit the following - I nattered to her here on  my blogs several times -  on this one about The Juno Charm, her poetry collection , on my old one, about The Red Car, her previous poetry collection,  and  Nude, her short story collection .

I also chose Nuala to write one of the chapters in Short Circuit -as did Sarah Salway, of the previous post , and other tour hosts Tania Hershman,  and Elizabeth Baines - here I am nattering about the project, back in 2009! 

Watch this space for Nuala's new book. It will be worth the wait.


  1. So typical of you, Vanessa, to give such a generous appraisal of someone else in place of tooting your own trumpet. Bravo. And it's a superb interview, too.

  2. All about balance, innit. And the whole team are terrific writers - it is just being honest!