Wednesday 30 January 2019

Fresh fields...

I have decided to stop blogging - not that that changes much - the world of the blogosphere is pretty dead, no one is really bothering any more, it takes time, and most importantly, how many posts in 2018? None. And yet I've been so busy!

A few years back I'd have been updating this blog every few days - running this or that, judging this or that, new book on the chocks, a reading, a festival, a retreat - a fascinating visit to somewhere - and yet, I  didn't. So... I'll leave this up in the hopes that some of the posts are interesting, and will sign off with:

10 years, 10 books. One each year, more or less. And for a women who was once told, by someone who was meant to know: 'Women over fifty working on short stories won't be published, so have fun, enjoy yourself..'  that ain't bad. Not trumpet-blowing - I'm certainly not special, but I do work hard. That seems to be the key - there are very few short cuts.

One thing I am focussing on, waiting for book 11 to appear, is It's Never Too Late to Write - several residential courses are planned for 2019, and a rather exciting collaboration with a publisher - watch this space - or rather watch Twitter, I guess, as I no longer do Facebook either! The schedule on the right will be updated now and then.

Have fun - happy writing! And you can contact me if you wish, via my website. Thank you for reading.