Sunday 15 April 2012

At Sally's (pleased she's better!)

Today, too, Sally Zigmond has published the post that was going to go up on April 1st - all Fool's day. Here it is, on her blog Elephant in the Writing Room.  No! Not more about The Coward? Well, only a bit, the post is mostly to do with writing sex. And how we have to allow ourselves to feel a bit foolish now and again when we write.  Poor Sally was taken ill  - and that's why this piece is up today - who cares? I'm just glad she is feeling better, and blogging again!

I first 'met' Sally back in 2004 when I sent her a submission for the literary short story magazine Quality Women's Fiction, where she was commissioning editor. She read, liked, and sent it on to Jo Derrick (then Jo Good) who also liked - and that was my very first print publication. I was so proud. And eternally grateful! Sally is author of a novella called Chasing Angels, and a novel, 'Hope on Hope' (Myrmidon), which was longlisted for the 2011 Romantic Novel of the year.


  1. Better late than never,eh? And it's given me the excuse to read The Coward's Tale again if only to re-learn what colour the leaves were! And it's even better the second time.

  2. Hi Sally - that is very nice to hear! xx