Friday, 13 April 2012

At Chelsey's

Today if you wish, get over to Chelsey Flood’s blog  - and if you are by now completely fed up with the me me me of a blog tour (sorry about that, it sort of goes with the territory) take a look at some of the rather great articles on there. ‘How I got an agent’  and there is one about how she got her daily wordcount up from 700 to 3000 - with a link to an article about getting it up to 10,000... my goodness - thats a draft written in two weeks. With no fingers left at the end.
Chelsey’s debut YA novel ‘Infinite Sky’ comes out next year. It was called ‘Silverweed’ for ages, which means that now whenever I see those little silver leaves on the ground, I think of this book, which I know little about apart from this blurb on Goodreads:
INFINITE SKY is fourteen year old Iris Dancy’s story, spanning a single summer holiday. It is the summer that her mum runs away to North Africa; the summer that a family of bare-knuckle fighting Irish Travellers set up camp in the Dancy's abandoned paddock; the summer her beloved brother seems determined to fall out of reach. 
Sounds good to me!

But anyway - the natter with Chelsey covers scams, how to survive doing readings, and all sorts of useful stuff. Here you go. 

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