Thursday 5 April 2012

At Teresa's

Today, we are over at Teresa Stenson's with one of the best themes of the whole tour (sorry chaps!)
Teresa's short fiction has been published in various anthologies, including The Bridport Prize 2009 and The Willesden Herald Short Story Prize 2011. Most recently she was a runner up in The Guardian Summer Reads competition. She works at a University as a notetaker and in a cinema bar to keep the money coming in. She's 30.

Well, if I can get over the jealously that she is HALF my age, and has a lifetime of brilliant writing ahead of her - I shall continue...

Teresa asked me to write a letter to myself just before I started writing. Isn't that just a stunning idea?!  It happened to be 2002 when I first saw the light - so it's a neat ten years... my goodness.

But there you are - a very honest letter to me 2002 version, from me 2012 version! 

Huge thanks to Teresa for being such a sport - we've met a couple of times, and if this lady isn't going places as a writer I will eat my headgear. 

But please don't take my word for it - take a look at last year's Guardian , their Guardian Summer Reads Competition, where she was runner up with 'Things Which Are Not True'. 
The judge, Jon McGregor said, "The voice here - funny, sad, true - is a very strong one."

Here is 'Things Which Are Not True' - enjoy.  


  1. "I will eat my headgear" - love that.

    Thanks, Lady, you're very kind.

    (BTW - had you down as being in your 40s, FYI.)

  2. Pffft. I am 60 in May... she said hobbling back to The Meadowlands Twilght Home for the Bewildered.