Tuesday 10 April 2012

At Elizabeth Baines's

Today the party moves on after an Easter break during which the paperback Coward ate far too many chocolate eggs, to Elizabeth Baines blog.

I first met Elizabeth thanks to being published with Salt Modern Fiction, when I read her terrific short story collection ‘Balancing on the Edge of the World’, then her novel ‘Too Many Magpies’ - which has one of the loveliest covers... here it is, just because it is gorgeous. The book is rather good too! 

Elizabeth's  iconic feminist novel ‘The Birth Machine’ - first published by The Women’s Press in 1983, was reissued by Salt. You can read a review of ‘The Birth Machine’ on Bookmunch - which includes the rather nice quote: “a rock-hard satire and a very, very, very good read”

I am much enjoying my whiz round my mates' places!


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