Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Looking for a writing group with tuition??

This is where I learned. It's called Boot Camp, for good reason. There's a special offer on, see below, message from the tutor.

Boot Camp numbers are currently on the low side so we are offering a new deal
to allow interested writers to try the BC experience.
The first four weeks free (no grid) to NEWBIES.
(The grid is a spreadsheet based on craft elements...)
Or (again NEWBIES only)
£100 up front for membership to the end of August (includes grid)
Please contact AK on alex.keegan
or go to BootCampKeegan on Yuku.com.


  1. If people are out there writing then I'd also recommend they try it.

    Lots of Alex's exes have done jolly well in their writing careers. I'm probably the only one currently living in a phone box.

    I can see a way out. The door is stiff and heavy but I keep on pushing against it. Maybe I learned that in BC?

    Seriously both of the offers look good. I learned a lot in the group as was and did win prize money for my writing and get one or two pubs.

    (The Elephants Head has since closed down, sadly).

    Yeah, I know V, I'm going. Phone's ringing anyway.

  2. A phone box?
    Ooo, you don't know you're born, you. We'd love a phone box, we would. Have to put up with a box, that's all. No lid, neither. When it rains we gets drowned. That's about once a week in summer, and more often in winter.
    I dunno about the money thing - you wont get rich with money stuff, writing the sort of words I does, that's for sure. However. I writes exactly what I wants to, grammar glitches and all. And I am rich in other ways - more important ones, if you know what I mean.
    Right, back to sweep out the box...