Monday, 7 February 2011

Of book jackets, statues, feathers and so forth

This is 'In Labore Benedictio' by a sculptor named Picciole - a small bronze that stands on an old chest in the corner of my living room. I don't think Picciole is particularly good - most of his other stuff seems to be a bit saccharine, from researching what turns up at auction and in antique/junk shops.
However. I love it - because it was obviously modelled on this: Dalou's larger-than-life sculpture of 'Le Grand Paysan, in the Musee D'Orsay, Paris.

There is a statue in The Coward's Tale. This was at the back of my mind when that statue was there, on the page. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. So Bloomsbury got a photo of the Dalou when wanting to know if I had any thoughts about the cover. of course, I did - this, and what about some feathers?? And bless the designer, he is there, on the jacket, beautiful and absolutely perfect. But I'm not showing it yet, until one tweak is done, I think...

I talk more about the process of The Coward's jacket on his own blog, HERE

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