Wednesday 9 February 2011

Congratulations to all on Willesden Herald Short List...

Oodles of congrats to everyone on the Willesden Herald short story comp shortlist, selected by the inimitable Maggie Gee! The announcement was made today, and here is the link to the complete post on Willesden herald blog
Delighted as I am for everyone, I am particularly pleased to see a few names I know on here - Teresa Stenton, whose work rose to the top at Bridport in 2009. Adnan Mahmutovic, who read at Pages of Hackney only last Saturday, and stayed with us on his way back to Stockholm where he teaches at the University. Nemone Thornes, with whom I have crossed writing-swords more than once, Emma Martin, erstwhile writing colleague from New Zealand, and Andrea Ashworth, facebook writing friend. My goodness. The short story world is very small. This is going to be some party!

"Apartment" by Y.J. Zhu
"Blue Raincoat" by Teresa Stenson
"Dancing with the Flag Man" by Nemone Thornes
"Gusul" by Adnan Mahmutovic
"Homecoming" by Alex Barr
"Out of Season" by Mary O'Shea
"Overnight Miracles" by A.J. Ashworth
"Set Dance" by Angela Sherlock
"The Bedroom" by Michael Coleman
"The Place" by David Frankel
"Thingummy Wotsit" by Adrian Sells
"Victor" by Emma Martin


  1. I just saw this, Vanessa - thank you mucho.

  2. Ah, me too. In fact, Vanessa, it was a post on your blog which encouraged me to enter...

  3. Goodness me - how smashing to have two of the illustrious shortlist who may ot have entered if they hadnt see it emblazoned here. ha!

    fingers crossed for you all. And congrats to you all as well. cant wait for the book.