Wednesday 25 February 2015

Two books...two indie publishers

Contracts flew backwards and forwards a couple of weeks ago, between two lovely indie publishers and meself.

First, then, Ed's Wife and Other Creatures, the illustrated flash collection, my collaboration with the terrific Lynn Roberts, will be published by a new imprint of Cinnamon called Liquorice Fish Books, and with a fair wind will appear in early October. 
       I loved the name when I heard it, love liquorice as anyone knows who has read The Coward's Tale! I looked at the website to see what they were going to publish...and it said this: they were here to:
"promote the innovative and idiosyncratic in contemporary writing: writers who are passionate and committed to finding an individual voice and approach to their writing; who are restless and want to explore the many possibilities inherent in language and the written word; or who wish to celebrate and extend the vibrant and varied traditions — and anti-traditions — that emerged during the 20th Century but which have been too often marginalised and belittled by the world of corporate authorship."
Would they like this strange collection which didn't seem to fit anywhere?
     Suffice it to say they did, am enjoying working with editor Adam Craig on the final manuscript, and can't wait to see ED in print!

This is what they say about ED's Wife:
"Described by Tania Hershman as “funny and poignant”, this exquisite collection by well-known poet and writer, Vanessa Gebbie, and illustrator, Lynn Roberts, explores the ever-shifting face of relationships and what it means to allow another person into your life. Delicate and disturbing by turns, gently surreal yet anchored in the everyday, Ed’s Wife and Other Creatures is a book not to be missed."

Next, a full poetry collection has been accepted for publication by the lovely Cultured Llama.
Based in Kent, this great publisher is very local to me, and I have briefly worked with Maria McCarthy and Bob Carling, the owners. I am so delighted to be working with them on 'Memorandum' - a collection of poems inspired by war memorials of the Great War. The book should be out in the Spring 2016.

My calculations make that books number seven and eight since 2008. That'll do for now, although there is another on the chocks with Cultured Llama - number nine, due out in 2017. I'm still working on that one, details later on.

So here's to the independents. Support them, readers. Buy their books, keep the guardians of originality afloat. And writers - get your work out there!


  1. Congratulations - and a great bit of encouragement to this writer!

  2. Ed's Wife and Other Creatures has been a long time coming. Congrats.

    Cheers, Bob.

  3. Bob - how nice. Thanks a lot - and yes, better late than never...