Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DOT DOT DOT...a game of digital consequences...Part II

And here we go - the second para in the terrific Dot dot dot, New Writing South's buzzy brainchild of a crowd sourced  story, kicked off by who else, Peter James. You can hear him read his opening para here:

and here's the second!

Dot dot dot...II

Right now, Jonas had to hide. 

Vermillion day-glo skin-tight shorts and gold lame vest weren’t Jonas’s usual attire, but this was Brighton Pride, the city’s most colourful event, and where better to hide than in a crowd? 

Even better, a parade. He let himself be hugged, kissed, he even sang. He let himself be swept along the sea front by the mass, closer and closer to the old West Pier, where, he knew, whoever had written him that anon email would be waiting.

Pics from here:


  1. Really edgy, loved it when I first read it and didn't know who the author was...I'm following you and had to use facebook. I wonder how this is going to turn out when each author is only allowed to see the previous writer's contribution.

  2. Fabulous Vanessa. This sounds like such fun although I can't help feeling it's going to get serious for Jonas.