Thursday 18 October 2012

Two BBC News clips of the La Boisselle Project

When we were at La Boisselle, a BBC News team were filming below ground.  Here are the blokes working the winches to take the team to the levels below us. It was very atmospheric to listen at the top of the shaft, these voices echoing, words heard and not heard. 

And later, watching the editing process in the van on site.

 Here are  links to two BBC News clips from October 5th - the filming done that day - 'This area of land known as the Glory Hole saw some of the bloodiest flighting of the First World War...'

and 'A slow descent to a wartime underworld...' - this is particularly amazing, and is the clip we were privileged to listen to from above, and see being edited.



  1. Paddy Davitt davitt@dna.ie21 February 2014 at 06:40

    Debbie - enjoyed your thoughts on the cemeteries and your additions to the 'Never mind' poem. Thank you. By the way - majestic is spelt with a 'j'.

  2. Hi Paddy, thanks for dropping by, and for the eagle eye on my lackadaisical spelling. Glad the posts hit the spot.There'll be something about Verdun coming soon - a visit coming up this weekend.

    ( PS. It's Vanessa, not Debbie...)