Saturday, 19 March 2011

New Sun Rising - call for submissions

Here's something good - a call for subs - fiction: short story, flash, poetry, images - celebrating Japan. To help just a little at this difficult time for the Japanese people.

That's Greg McQueen up there, the guy behind 100 Stories for Haiti, and 50 Stories for Pakistan - listen. Good guy, good message.

Subs details in full can be found here but here's a precis:
All work relevant to Japan, please.
Short stories to 7500 wds (ONE only per submitter please)
Flash fiction under 1000 wds, micro, cell-phone stories (Please send max of 3)
Poems, under 40 lines, max of 3.
Haiku, max of 5.
(You may mix poems and flashes, as long as the total number of pieces doesn’t exceed 3.)

Back and white artwork and photography.
Manga - max 5 pages.


  1. Hi Vanessa! Thanks so much for posting this! There has been such a great response from all over, writers are truly an awesome and generous group.


    (Also, it's New Sun Rising. :)

  2. Hi Frankie - pleasure - and oops, sorry, off to change that. Lots of good luck!