Sunday, 20 March 2011


I had the best of times, staying in the little house built for Nellie, housekeeper to Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears, on her retirement - in the grounds of The Red House, Aldeburgh. Now preserved by the Britten Pears Foundation, The Red House is open to the public during the season, and 'Cosy Nook' ( bless Nellie - that is the name she chose for her house) is either used for music students, for performers at various festivals, or, it is for rent to those who don't mind not being on the beach, or in somewhere more commercial. It was very quiet indeed, with a good woodburning stove, walking distance from all the views above, pitch dark at night. Spooky! But I got masses of work done, reading about WW1. Every day after a few hours immersed in the carnage, I put on walking boots, shut the door and went out for three/four hours, with binoculars and camera. Bliss.

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