Friday, 14 May 2010


Greg McQueen, a writer living in Denmark, was moved when he saw the Haiti earthquake disaster playing out in the media. He decided to try to do something to help, and hit on the idea of an anthology of short short (1000 wd max) stories to raise funds for the Red Cross and its efforts in Haiti. Six weeks later, not only was there an e-book, but a paperback. Just after that, a selection of stories were recorded for iTunes. The following video is a memento of the highlights in Greg's own journey - six weeks from recording a call for submissions, to opening the box...
On 10th June, there is an event hosted by Waterstones, Brighton, starting at 6.30 pm. Many writers whose work was selected for this project are gathering to read a selection of stories. The books will be available for purchase.
If you can't get there and would like to support his project, please consider buying the anthology direct from the publisher, Bridge House, HERE. I believe at least £6.00 goes to the charity from every purchase.
It is available from Amazon, HERE and can be ordered from any good bookshop, if they aren't stocking it already.
The e-book is available from Smashwords, HERE. - together with the option to 'buy for nothing' and donate separately.
There is also an audiobook produced by the BBC - 'Stories for Haiti' includes 20 selected pieces from the anthology recorded by professional actors and is available on iTunes and