Tuesday 16 July 2013

Don't panic, Cap'n Mainwaring...

So sayeth the late lovely Clive Dunn OBE.

 "Don't panic, don't panic..."

Read on friend and colleague Nuala Ni Chonchuir's blog just now... and its so perfect, I'm sharing here:.

One of Sarah Waters' Ten Rules for Writing Fiction from The Guardian in 2010, begins thus: 

'Don’t panic. Midway through writing a novel, I have regularly experienced moments of bowel-curdling terror, as I contemplate the drivel on the screen before me and see beyond it, in quick succession, the derisive reviews, the friends’ embarrassment, the failing career, the dwindling income, the repossessed house, the divorce . . .'

Read the rest on Nuala's blog. meanwhile, "Don't panic, Captain Mainwaring! Hang in there!"


  1. Aw, cheers, Missus. All us writers get it, don't we? The collywobbles. If we push on, they go (kind of...)
    Nu x