Sunday 13 November 2011

The Brit Writers discussion...

Writers may be aware that there are ongoing discussions on several well-supported blogs, and on Twitter, Facebook and so forth, about the merits, or not, of the Brit Writers organisation.

One such conversation, preceded by the most reasonable list of questions which any organisation must be able to answer easily - is on Claire King's blog, here.

I don't propose to enter into a dialogue here, but suggest that all writers who are thinking of spending their hard-earned cash either entering their competitions, or submitting work for review and possible publication, might do well to read as much as they can before parting with any funds.

This is no different to the advice I'd give writers wondering whether to enter any other competition, or mustering the bravery to send a manuscript for assessment at any literary consultancy. You should always always always check the credibility of the organisations, and whether the claims they make are solid. Then armed with as much info as you can muster, make up your own mind.

Added: To help you - perhaps you might find this post useful: Debi Alper, who was initially pleased to be a judge for a Brit Writers competition, but who then withdrew her support, has collated several 'discussions' and links to them, in one blog post. HERE.

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