Thursday 15 September 2011

Look! My book!

That's all - just a whole box of the beautiful Coward's Tales...sigh. Its gorgeous. Silvery shining leaves, feathers, river, a village and mountain, statue, old man and boy. And a rather stunning fish.
(Thanks to Stephen Moran for turning the pic round, otherwise you'd have had to look at the book backwards... like this...!
I'm allowed to be excited - 'The Coward's Tale' is on the Bookseller's Choice list for November, thanks to a nomination from the lovely people at the Torbay Bookshop. And it's been reviewed by A N Wilson for a future issue of Reader's Digest... positively, one gathers.

Anam Cara is booked for late Jan early Feb - I need to write!


  1. Eeek!! Happy author with book photo - I'd be back to front with glee, even if the book t'weren't. Congratulations!

  2. Indeedie! Thanks Sarah... I have always been a bit back to front, and now I have a photo to prove it. x

  3. Lovely! And it begins.....!!!

  4. Bloody gorgeous!! Can I swap one for a chunk of cash when I see you next week??!

  5. I can't tell you (or maybe I can...) how happy and excited I am for you. I feel like I've been by your side all along the way and I know, it's going to be fabulous! Plus, I'm really happy to hear you've booked into AC in January. We must make sure you keep writing. Ever onward!!! Xo

  6. Wonderful, Vanessa - you must feel so happy and excited.
    I am looking forward so much to to reading it.
    Look forward to seeing you at the launch, where I hope to have a chance to congratulate you in person.