Thursday 11 August 2011


Maggie Gee says:

“Tender and gripping – a brilliantly written epic”

Salena Godden says:

“A Russian doll of a book, layers within layers, histories, ghosts, superstitions and secrets. This book shines a light through the material of human nature, our successes and failings, strengths and weaknesses, pride and vanity and love. The Coward’s Tale is timeless. Storytelling at its best. It's a wonderful read.”

Damian Barr says:

“A rich seam of fables conjuring a community bound together by tragedy and secrets. Everyone knows something about someone but only one man knows everything about everyone. The Coward's own tale is the bravest of all.”

Charles Lambert says:

"The unlikely but entirely legitimate child of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Dylan Thomas, The Coward's Tale invests everyday life with a quality at once whimsical and heroic."

Mari Strachan says:

“A lovely book. It is compulsively readable. Her poetic writing is meticulous in its apt and close observation. She writes about her flawed characters with such warmth and kindness, making of them archetypal characters hewn out of the history of small towns the world over.”


Thank you very much indeed to Maggie, Salena, Damian, Charles and Mari for reading The Coward, and for saying such gorgeous things.


  1. Cool indeed! Follow the links to find out more about each of these lovely people.

  2. So exciting. Congrats. I hope you get many more great reviews.

  3. I did and/or I know! Top peeps! We just need the book out now, please...?!

  4. Hi ASBTW and thank you! I've just been reading a marvellous post on yr blog about boarding school...nostalgic sigh.

  5. Congratulations on these accolades. Have no doubt they're well-deserved, and can't wait to read it for myself.
    In the meantime: chapeau! Au top!
    Bisous from your SDF friend-en-France.

  6. Wow- those are great and I'm sure well deserved!

  7. Can't wait to read it!

  8. Yay, what beautiful words for a book full of beautiful words! Can't wait either...

  9. Sounds like they all liked it then. Good show. Looking forward to reading it myself.

  10. Very generous people! Thanks womagwriter - I hope you enjoy! - check out the Bloomsbury website - they've go the first two chapters online. I'll put a link next post.

  11. Great work! I also greatly enjoyed Storm Warning on holidays! ciao cat