Saturday, 15 January 2011

Modernist Press - Art from Art Anthology

I was very pleased to hear from Steve Soucy this last week, with images of the cover art for the forthcoming Art from art Anthology, from his LA-based press, Modernist. I have a story in here, a reprint of 'The Return of the Baker, Edwin Tregear', one of my favourite stories from 'Storm Warning'. Writers could interpret 'Art' widely - and included in the list of inspirations were museums. The story is based on research done partly at the Levant tin mine in Cornwall, and partly from Lyn MacDonald's marvellous histories of World War I. It was great to know it will be published all the way across in California! It will also be fascinating to see what illustration, if any, the story is given.

This anthology has been on the chocs for a bit - we were paid for our work a while back - and I am excited to hear that it will be coming out in two different editions. Firstly, a limited-edition hardback coffee-table book, and second, a quality paperback with a slip cover. Smashing.


  1. Congratulations, V! This looks smashing, just as you say. Good to see Edwin getting out and about, too. x

  2. Looks lovely! And two editions, very very nice.

  3. Ooh, nice one! it looks terrific! Xo