Friday, 10 December 2010

.Cent Magazine Creative Writing commissions...

I can really recommend this commission (or call for subs) to writers. I sent them a short piece a year or so back... the magazine is wonderful. Beautifully produced, huge, thick paper, and each piece of prose has its own page, and illustration. In addition to the contributor's copy, they included a copy of your page - for the wall, a frame for Mum, whatever...
Submissions close on 12th december - here is the original email:

"For those new to the .Cent creative writing commission: the content of each new biannual issue is split up into chapters. For each chapter we welcome writers to interpret the title in a piece of work. Every chapter is introduced with one of your submissions.
For issue 17 the chapter titles are:

Strange Paradises
Everything is Connected
Recording the City

If you’d like to submit your writing then the brief is as follows:

· Strict maximum word-count of 350.
· Submission deadline is Sunday 12th December 2010.
· You can submit poetry/prose/script.
· You may submit to as many chapter as you wish.
· Submissions and work are on an unpaid basis.
· Please state if work has been previously published elsewhere. The work will still be considered however we’d like to know in advance.
· Please feel free to interpret the title however you wish, although it is worth bearing in mind that .Cent will select the piece that best encapsulates the chapter theme.
· The chosen submission will be printed in the issue. If it is yours, we’ll let you know and send you the issue + tears.
· Submissions that are not selected for the magazine could potentially be published on the website.
· .Cent reserves the right to make the final decision.

To submit work:
· Please email submissions to by no later than 12th December 2010.
· Please state how you’d like to be credited- your name (as you would like it to appear in print) + mention a website? Or a current project? Perhaps published work? However we can support you.
· Please include alongside your submission your contact details- email, address and phone number.

Website HERE.

And lovely news: my novel 'The Coward's Tale' is to be published in UK (Nov 2011 hardback, and paperback Spring 2012) and USA (Spring 2012) by Bloomsbury. Am thrilled and rather wobbly at the moment. More later.



  1. I sent something to .Cent for this...

    Wonderful wonderful news about The Coward's Tale - the very best! I can't wait to see it on the shelves. X

  2. Good luck with .Cent and thanks!!! Its fabulous, I am so lucky.

  3. So funny how you put your HUGE news at the tiny bottom bit of your long blog.....stand up and shout it! But if you can't bring yourself to, I'll do it for you (when you're ready). xoxox

  4. How very VG of you to slip in the BIG news in an almost-footnote - shout about it, my dear, it's fabulous!!

  5. Congratulations on the novel sale! Looking forward to reading that one.

  6. Huge congratulations for The Cowards Tale, that's so very exciting!

    Just sent something to .Cent for this that had been looking for a home...

  7. Ha! Thank you my dears... those who were with me in Ireland know exactly how wobbly I was - Ahem.
    It is lovely lovely - and I will write something, but dont quite know how to, or what to say. Its all in those lines really! Not like me to be lost for words...

  8. Congratulations Vanessa - this is wonderful news and a fully deserved success - well done

  9. Hello Kate, lovely to see you here - and thank you. Hope all is well.

  10. Vanessa, Thanks for posting the info about Cent. I sumbitted a story and heard yesterday that it was accepted.