Thursday 4 November 2010

Novel update

OK - novel was sent to my agent a fortnight ago, and I had a lovely message a couple of days back to say that he loved it. That he did not want any revisions, and he's going to send it out.
I am surprisingly calm about this, and being very businesslike, putting literary CVs together, and having to reformat the file.
Wot? reformat file? Entire novel? Aye - this wally had only sent him a document with all the markups showing! I am a hopeless techie-person as anyone who has worked with me can attest. So I had a play with Word and sent it backwards and forwards from laptop to PC a few times until all the markups disappeared. Ahem.


  1. Ah, another non-techy type here ...
    Fingers crossed, prayers - whatever I think might work: all rooting for you and The Novel!

  2. eeeh Mynnie! Thank you. I will need several valium and a large gin, in that order, before long.

  3. Brilliant news, V. And I hope the launch goes well this weekend. See you in Bristol on 24th. X

  4. Brill! Good luck, my dear. N x