Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Welcome. This is a place that isn't up and running quite yet.
Have a few piccies to watch. Like the test card on TV, if you are old enough to remember that... if not, enjoy anyway. Use them for writing prompts, or summat.


  1. Am I the first visitor to your new blog? I would have brought home made marmalade or a bunch of sweet peas.

    Beautiful photographs.

  2. Welcome, brand new blog, may you be the bearer of wonderful VG news! :)

  3. I'm old enough to remember the test card. And long periods of nothing but "Please do not adjust your screen." Hopefully, I'm not too old to remember to return here. ~Miriam

  4. I stumbled upon this place, and I quite liked the pictures. So I took the advice, and used one of them as inspiration for a short piece (infact, a drabble). It made sense to me to post it here, since this is where I found the picture:


    In Engela’s mind, there was nothing that could describe cultural shock as accurate as the graffiti on the door leading into the metro station’s high voltage room, a door she passed fourteen times a week.
    Usually she only saw the smiley face. It reminded her of why she had worked hard to come to this country.
    Sometimes she observed the reversed smiley. Then she could only recall everything she hated about this country.
    Occasionally, however, she noticed the prison-like bars above the door. These were the days she remembered the reason she had left her home in the first place.


    If you liked the concept of drabbles (pieces of literature that is no more, or less, than 100 words long), feel free to see some more at

  5. Pleased to meet you, Vanessa. I have travelled here from Snow like thought (I think).

    It's lovely to have no history in some ways, as you describe your elationship with your newly discoverd sisters. Though I imagine it might also be painful.

    I have three sisters and four daughters. We have such shared histories, I can't imagine what it'd like to be without it.

    Here on your blog I might find out more on the experience of not sharing history from one who was adopted such you.

    Your pictures, by the way are wonderful. I look forward to reading more of your writing.