Wednesday 23 July 2014

13th International Conference on the Short Story - Vienna - July 15 - 19 2014

Well, what a fantastic week on so many levels. A potent mix of academe and practice, with panel events discussing and debating the myriad facets of short story writers and their writings. There were many participants who straddle the divide very successfully -  wonderful writers, wonderful teachers as well - and some, like me, who just do the practical stuff and non-academic teaching.
It was such a privilege to be there. I;d heard of the conference, had tried to get grants to attend in previous years, with no success - this year I was invited to lead a workshop, to read twice and to be part of a panel discussion "how to read the short story". Too much detail to list it all. Instead, here are a few quick pics taken with the mobile when I thought of it - so apologies that they are not beautiful - but they do illustrate a wonderful week in the company of friends old and new.
Cakes at the legendary Cafe Central

Preparing for an unforgettable reading at the Americahaus - from left: Tomas E Kennedy,  Sandra Cisneros, Robert Olen Butler,  Kelly Cherry - introducing: Dr Maurice E Lee. 

Finally, I own a real panama hat!

Dr Adnan Mahmutovic trying to look dangerous in my hat, unsuccessfully...

Tania Hershman, self, Zoe Gilbert

Jarred McGinnis told this joke, and we all fell about...with Stef Pixner, Alison Lock,  Adnan, Catherine McNamara, Zoe G and Jarred. 

Sandra Jensen, Thomas E Kennedy,  Tania, Elizabeth Baines,  Adnan, David Crean
Cate Kennedy (l) Paul McVeigh (r)

Dr Maurice Lee addresses the multitude at the final al fresco dinner 

Dr Sylvia Petter, organiser of the whole thing, and her husband, Gunter
Robert Olen Butler and friend, after his reading at the Americahaus

Moi with same friend...

seen in a shop window

Valerie Sirr reads at the Irish Embassy

Nuala O'Connor at Irish Embassy

Billy O'Callaghan at the Irish Embassy

Nancy Freund reading at the Juridicum

Jose Vargese reads at the Juridicum


  1. So glad you came and liked the conference, Vanessa. Hey, but you blew Dr Gugu´s cover. Now he´s on the web and I´ll never hear the end of it. BTW, the dangerous hat really suits you ;)

  2. Lovely post, Vanessa - it all seems so long ago already!